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Bridging Souls and Helping Hearts Heal

Human or Animal

Cate Coffelt is an Award Winning & Rigorously Blind Tested Evidential Medium, Animal Communicator and Holy Fire III Reiki Master.

Cate uses her intuition to be the bridge between souls. She is known for bringing through uncanny validations and specific details that can help heal the heart!

Cate can connect with your loved ones who are in Spirit, (whether human or animal), provide intuitive guidance for key areas in your life or insight for your living pets. She also offers distance Reiki healing services for both you or your pets.

Cate's Mission

Cate’s mission is to be the bridge between souls, whether human or animal. Her hope is that you will feel supported and a deep sense of connection, which can help heal the heart and soul.


Cate Coffelt provides individual and small group readings, private mentoring, classes, virtual and in-person events.

Medium Reading

Cate is most passionate about the work she does as a medium, because of the healing and comfort she sees, when her clients feel that special connection with their loved ones who are in Spirit.

While she never guarantees she can connect with a specific loved one in Spirit, she is known to provide meaningful validations with messages of love, hope, healing, clarity and the truth. Many of her clients have claimed that thy have felt a sense of peace after their session.

Connecting with your loved ones in Spirit can be healing and a different way to assist you through your grief journey. Because that is what grief is, a journey we walk through.

Experiencing this type of connection can help you move forward in your healing journey. Your loved ones in Spirit want you to know that they are safe and at peace and they also want to help you feel their love and support. 

NOTE: Cate does not guarantee that she will connect with a specific loved one in Spirit, whether human or animal.

Life Guidance Reading

Are you looking for guidance in your life? 

Have you experienced a loss or are you facing a change with career, a relationship or another key area of your life?

Cate will connect with your higher self and guides so that you can receive the steps you need to help you move forward in creating the life you wish for. This reading is about you!

NOTE: She does not provide diagnosis or health related outcomes.

Animal Communication (Living Pets)

If you wish to learn what’s behind behavioral issues with your pet, a desire to understand what your animal needs are from a their perspective, this is the reading for you!

NOTE: Cate is not a veterinarian and does not provide diagnosis or health outcomes for your pets. If your pet is in distress, contact your veterinarian!

Do you have a lost pet? Learn more about Cate’s Lost Pet service.

Virtual Events & Classes

Small Group Virtual Events

Spirit Circles last between 1.5 to 2 hours in length. Each circle will hold no more than 8 people, so everyone in the group will receive a short a reading.
NOTE: Cate does not guarantee she that she will connect with a specific loved one in Spirit, whether human or animal.

Classes and Private Mentoring

Cate teaches various classes, workshops and offers private mentoring that can help you learn to:

  • Develop Your Intuitive and Mediumistic Skills
  • Help you to connect and deepen your relationship with Spirit
  • Empower and facilitate your own healing so you can thrive and not just survive!

2018 and 2021 Social Activism Award Winner

2021 Social Activisim Award 

Best American Psychics

Shay Parker’s Best American Psychics is proud to announce Cate Coffelt as our 2021 Social Activism Award Winner. Cate repeatedly demonstrates a generosity of spirit, donating her time, effort, and energy on pro-bono cases and readings. As a gifted psychic medium, Cate has repeatedly volunteered to be an Expert Guest on our monthly Facebook Livestream show, Metaphysical Minds. She freely gives her education, experience, and knowledge to our listening audience.
As a service to the community, Cate is a provider for two non-profit groups: Find Me and Helping Parents Heal. With Find Me she uses her intuitive skills to help locate missing persons or pinpoint circumstances around unsolved cases. With Helping Parents Heal, Cate is able to put her gifts to use in bringing peace and closure to parents when the unthinkable happens.
Cate is also an avid animal rescuer and donates her time and money, consistently throughout the year, to help animals in need. She is an animal communicator, so she is aware of the needs of our furry friends.
Always giving more than she receives, Cate is an inspiration to us all, and is a true role model, and this is why she has, once again, earned our Social Activism Award.


2021 Award Winner: 
Shay Parker’s Best American Psychics

2018 Award Winner: 
Shay Parker’s Best American Psychics

Approved Member:
Certified Psychic Society

Featured Member:
Bob Olson’s Best Psychic Directory

Provider for Helping Parents Heal

Holy Fire III Reiki Master

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