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Grieving Parents

Helping Parents Heal

I am so pleased to be a provider for Helping Parents Heal and certified as an Evidential Medium through Mark Ireland’s Certification Program.

Helping Parents Heal is a non profit organization who provides support and resources for grieving parents and families who has had a child who has transitioned. This group is unique and special in that it allows open discussion about the afterlife and spiritual experiences in a non dogmatic and safe way.

To be listed as a provider, it is requested that mediums go through Mark Ireland’s Certification Program.

The certification process included 5 blind test readings with 5 different sitters. Neither one of us knew each other and no information was exchanged except for a Zoom link until the reading began. We were not allowed to use the video feature during each session, only the audio.

Each reading was scored based on overall accuracy and unique or specific validations and messages. Specific protocols and scores for all readings are required to pass in order to receive certification.

I believe in this process because anyone who has never experienced a medium reading before can know that if they choose to book a reading with any of the mediums from Mark Ireland’s certified medium list, they can be assured that they are working with those who are ethical and accurate.

I am honored and excited to be included in this group with such a wonderful organization.

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