About Cate

Cate Coffelt is an award winning, and rigorously blind tested Evidential Medium, Animal Communicator and Holy Fire III Reiki Master.

She is known to connect with both human and animal by bringing through detailed validations and healing messages, demonstrating that love never dies.

Her mission is too help her clients feel a deep connection with their loved ones in Spirit and to deliver meaningful messages that heals the heart.

According to her clients, the details that come through in her readings are unique to them, helping them to feel that special connection with their loved ones in Spirit, pets, angels or guides.

Cate first encountered Spirit when she was a very young girl. She woke up to find her grandmother appear at the foot of her bed, just prior to Cate’s family receiving “the call” that her grandmother had passed away.

Through the years Cate would have similar experiences that she just could not explain. People would often joke with her though and ask, “Are you psychic?”

Cate also found that she had related experiences with animals. She’s always had a deep love and respect for our furry companions and would find comfort from them while growing up. Growing up in a home where both parents were very abusive, Cate would find comfort whenever she connected with the animals.

It wasn’t until later in life however, that Cate would discover and accept that she was born as an Empath and an especially gifted Medium. Cate was raised in a strict, religious home, and chose to carry on those beliefs over the years. But these views had limited her perspective regarding what is innate in every individual.

When a former classmate of hers had asked a very serious question about their future, Cate realized the true nature of her gift. Immediately into the reading, Cate started communicating with the child of her friend who had passed away at a young age. All of the validations were specific to her friend and so were the messages.

Although Cate’s background was working for big corporations like Nestle, Warner Bros., and Dignity Health, she realized how much healing the reading provided for her friend. It was at that time that Cate decided to dedicate her life to helping others heal.

Today, Cate is serving clients from all over the world, providing readings, private mentoring sessions, distance healing sessions and teaching classes.

She has been featured on Buzzfeed, and several different podcasts such as “Love From the Hyp” with Sakura Sutter,  “Above and Beyond” with Laura Smith and Thomas John, “The Channel – Paranormal Talk Show”, and “Charmed Life” with Tricia Carr.

Cate Coffelt has been scientifically tested as an ethical and accurate Evidential Medium and Animal Communicator. She is a member of The Certified Psychic Society, Award Winner and featured member of Shay Parker’s Best American Psychics, a Certified Medium and listed provider for Helping Parents Heal, and a vetted and approved featured member of Bob Olson’s Best Psychic Directory. Cate is also a Holy Fire III Reiki Master

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