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Below are some tips and tricks that you can review to help enhance your reading. Read up on the most frequently asked questions about my psychic, medium or animal communication services.

Animal Communication, Life Guidance and Medium Reading FAQ’s

The best way to receive a reading is to be in calm and relaxed environment. Many clients find prayer, deep breathing or meditation can be helpful to do prior to our time together. If you schedule a session, sitting in a quiet, peaceful place, such as a private room where there will be no interruptions is also best. Distractions such as sitting in or driving a car, being at work or knowing you have to rush off for an appointment afterwards can negatively affect your experience. Cate highly recommends taking notes during your session so you can go back and reflect upon your experience. If she tells you to write something down, please write it down exactly the way she tells you please.

Every reading is unique. No matter which reading service you choose, Cate will share validations and information that provides healing or guidance for your questions depending on the type of reading you choose.

Animal Communication or Life Guidance Readings – Cate will provide validations for the past or present and then share the guidance she receives for your questions regarding you or for your living pet. She will address as many questions as time permits.

These readings can include predictions for the future, but Cate believes in free will, which can provide a different outcome for you.

Medium Readings (Human or Animal) – Cate will bring through validations and messages from your loved ones in spirit.

Cate recommends of letting go of any expectations regarding receiving certain information from those who have passed on. She believes in the healing power and deep sense of connection with a medium reading when we are TRULY open to the experience of receiving whatever happens.

Cate allows Spirit to share what they want, not necessarily what you want answered!
Cate has learned to trust the information she receives from Spirit and will share everything with you, whether it makes sense or not.

Some information may not make sense during the reading and that is OK!

Almost all clients report back that the information that they did not understand during their reading either came true or they remember the information later.

It is up to you how to interpret or use the information that has been communicated, but the items that do not make sense to you are those that Cate most highly recommends you write down!

Cate is a highly sensitive and empathic person by nature which allows her to tune into the energy within the spiritual realm. She will often feel the emotional and physical sensations of spirit.
She also receives information in the following ways:

  • Clairvoyance (psychic seeing)
  • Clairaudience (psychic hearing)
  • Claircognizant (psychic knowing)
  • Clairsentient (psychic feeling/touching)
  • Remote Viewing

Since Cate receives validations and messages through these various ways, she often feels like she’s putting a puzzle together with all of the various ways the information comes through. Each session is different!

Cate has no control of who in Spirit will show up. For this reason, Cate does not guarantee that specific person(s) or animal(s) will show up during your reading. In addition, there are times that those who show up aren’t whom you expected, but our loved ones from beyond have a wonderful way of sharing the validations and messages you need, not necessarily what you want to hear. Please be open to the experience. Being more open can enhance your experience.

When you schedule a reading, you will automatically receive an email with a Zoom link and a list of regional phone numbers. 
You may choose to call in for your reading (no internet required) or link into Zoom.

You must have a strong internet connection to use Zoom.

Due to technical issues, you may need to call in using one of the phone numbers provided in the Appointment Confirmation email to finish your reading.  No  rescheduling or refunds will apply.

Cate does not record readings, however clients may record their readings using their own personal device. Recordings are for your personal use only. You do not have permission to post or share your reading with any person(s) or on any social media or internet platform.

You have up until 48 hours prior to your appointment time to either reschedule or cancel your reading. If you fail to reschedule or cancel within this time frame, there will be no refund and the regular scheduling procedures will apply. If you fail to show for your appointment, there will be no refund and regular scheduling procedures will apply.

Cate does not usually remember her readings and out of privacy concerns does not retain any information about your reading. For these reasons, Cate does not provide answers for follow up questions.

Cate feels passionate about the intuitive work she does and the healing and a sense of peace she sees it brings to her clients. There are occasions however, where what we hear can be surprising and may bring several different emotions up to the surface. This is normal! Cate’s intent is to provide an environment where you feel safe so you can remain open to receiving the information that was meant for you. If at anytime you start feeling too uncomfortable, please let her know.
There is no difference between any type of these readings. The information is received in the same way and does not affect the level of accuracy in any way. In fact, many clients prefer a phone or video conference reading as it offers them a level of privacy and quiet they might not otherwise get. Most of the testimonials listed on this website were readings conducted over the phone.

Losing a pet can be traumatic and frightening.

Cate charges the 60 minute fee because this is a very different type of reading. While Cate does not guarantee she will find your pet, she does provide a lot of information and pictures that can help you narrow down your search. 

The reading can last anywhere from 45 minutes to 1.5 hours.   

Downloading Google Earth can be helpful for this service.

Yes, but for the best results, you may want to determine how much or what type of information you need from your pet family first. For example, if you need some detailed information for each animal, then individual sessions for each pet might be more appropriate.

If you do choose one session with multiple pets, then plan on scheduling a longer session to allow enough time for each pet to share messages.

Note: Cate allows up to 1 animal for 20 minute readings and 2 pets for 50 minute readings

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