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Brad Cooney – The House in Between

~”I really enjoyed my psychic reading from Cate Coffelt this evening. She was able to hit on some things all the way back to my childhood home, describing rooms inside my home, even colors of the walls.
Additionally, she was able to connect with passed loved ones and told me things that I have never published online anywhere.
Believe ? Not believe? All I can say is that the hour long reading was impressive and a lot of very accurate information was given to me that I’ve never told anyone about. I was impressed and it was a lot of fun.


~ “Rarely have I witnessed a medium with the ability to tune in the way Cate Coffelt is able to. She has a remarkable gift. Not only is she able to deliver uncanny evidential messages, but she does so with compassion and warmth. I have had a personal reading with her, and was very impressed.”

Chrissie A. – Los Angeles, CA

~ “Cate is absolutely amazing. My boyfriend passed away and I was desperate to connect. I attended several mediumship demos where Cate demonstrated. He came through and she brought such detailed and specific validation from his personality, to circumstances of death, details of our relationship and dates. I decided it was time for a personal one on one reading and she received new validations from him (ones not shown in the demos), beautiful messages, as well as bringing through others who I have lost. Cate is detailed, caring and so incredibly empathetic in her delivery and communication. She’s funny and the personality of your loved one shines through. I’ve recommend her to a friend who loved Cate as well. I would recommend Cate through and through. I’ll definitely be booking another appointment when spirit directs me to.”

Bettie – (Google Review)

~ “Cate gave me comfort in knowing that my loved ones are truly safe and somewhere special. It was important for me to hear her give me information that she didn’t know. I felt validated. The experiences and moments I shared with my little one that were unique and special to me were validated by her without me saying anything. Cate, you truly have a special gift and thank you for using that energy to give me the comfort and reassurance that I needed. I don’t think this is easy so thank you with all my heart”

Sandy Dodge (Google Review)

~ “My mom & I had a private reading with Cate on May 1st & it was absolutely the most amazing experience ever! We initially wanted to hear from my father (and we did), but we also heard from my Aunt, My Nanny, My Uncle Colin, My Uncle Phil, & even my son’s girlfriend’s grandmother! My dad being a person to let others come through only validated the experience. But my dad being my dad also said ok that’s enough of the others & came back through. He let us know (EXACTLY) how he is with us each & every day! These were all things that there was no way for Cate to know! Things such as “a necklace”! Nobody knew that I took my dad’s fingerprint & made it into a necklace that ONLY my mom & kids got for Christmas! He spoke about “dancing with my mom” or that “her visitations were real” & again nobody knew that my dad visited her at night! Or that I was taking it the worst & that I needed to “knock it off” (with some explicits that Cate couldn’t say) which was absolutely what my dad would say! There was so much more & everything was 100% accurate! I highly recommend this for anyone! And definitely something I will do again in the future! Thank you Cate for an amazing experience!”

Denise Flores – Santa Clarita, CA

~ “Wow wow wow! I had my very first reading EVER in June 2018 with Cate at the Aum Garden in Sherman Oaks (as a thoughtful birthday gift probably best one ever lol) and let me tell you it was absolutely beautiful! You walk into a private room with about 15 chairs. Cate sits upfront and before starting the group session she does inform the group that it could be a possibility that you might not get a reading (which I was okay with because I didn’t know what to expect). She started with a few people and was spot on about their passed loved ones. Next thing I know she says there is a dog in the room so, I raised my hand because I had lost my dog 2 years before. She starts describing exactly how my dog was and I couldn’t help, but to cry because even until now I get heartbroken thinking about him. She described everything from his color coat, personality, size and things only he would do. When she told me that my dog knew it was hard for me to put him down I lost it. Then after Cate brought messages from my Grandma which, I was completely is shock because I was about 12 the last and finally time I saw her. Please note Cate knew absolutely NOTHING about me. I did not have her on social media and I have never spoken to her before in my life. So, just the simple fact that Cate was able to describe such detailed personal things about my passed loved ones was stunning to me! I have been fortunate enough to go a few times after and still leave in aw. Highly recommend Cate!!”

Shannon Allen (Google Review)

~ “I had a reading with Cate a couple weeks ago. She definitely hit the nail on the head with some things like my grandmother’s name and some item placements in my room. She was able to connect with someone I lost. I was carrying a lot of anger over this loss and really struggling. I didn’t share any details but what she shared with me really helped me move past that anger phase. She helped me to refocus my energy toward my love and remember that my loved one would want me to be happy. She helped me to understand how he cares for me in death exactly how he cared for me in life. I have no doubts that she connected with my loved one and I’m so grateful that she shares her gifts with the world. She is such a treasure and I just can’t express my appreciation enough.”


~ “My phone reading with Cate was absolutely amazing! She brought in several family members including my husband who died 3 months ago, with an astounding message for me. She also gave me a heartwarming message from a beloved dog who is now with my father on the Other Side! I can’t wait to speak with Cate again-I feel like a heavy weight has been lifted from my heart. Her healing information about archangels around me has transformed my thinking and outlook entirely. Cate’s gift has truly made a difference in my life.”

Michelle (Google Review)

~ ” I had a mediumship reading with Cate about a month ago. I was able to connect with my grandparents on both sides, my aunt, My childhood friend and my best friends dog who recently passed away.

Although I was happy to hear from all of them, what really stuck out was what my grandparents kept mentioning about my brother who is in the physical life. They kept mentioning that their word for as hell and some thing with him not being able to eat. Once I addressed this to my brother, he made a doctors appointment and found out that he has a large mass on his esophagus and we are now waiting for the biopsy results.

If it wasn’t for Cate, My brother would’ve never known what was going on with his Health.

She truly is a great medium, one of the best I’ve ever been to and I can definitely put her on the same lines as Thomas John.

There was many other things that she mentioned that no one would ever know unless you were in my family. I strongly suggest that you have a reading with her. She does not disappoint.

Thank you, Kate for sharing your gift with me.”

Robert Lambert (Google Review)

~ “Today I experienced a memorable evidential mediumship session with Cate Coffelt. I share “memorable” as I came into the hour session without expectation but a lot of hope. Cate delivered that hope with connections and information from loved ones on the other side. I assure the reader that no information can be found online. I left this session with a sense of purpose and an awareness that my loved ones based on their given specific characteristics, personalities are very much present in my life today. Cate is a very thorough medium identifying the spirit and relaying relevant guidance as to where I am today. She possesses a contagious laughter, wisdom and compassion. I find myself more at peace at this time in my life as a result of making contact with Cate based on positive feedback. There are many wonderful mediums in this world and Cate is one of them.

Just an update to my session. Cate mentioned a long haired orange tabby cat coming into my life. In less than (2) weeks a a long haired orange kitten was presented to me for adoption before being brought to a shelter. No one knew of my session with Cate. You can’t make this stuff up. Blew my mind!”

Stephanie Hastings (Google Review)

~ “Cate has a true gift. She shares each message with compassion and great detail. I am so grateful to her for connecting me with my loved ones in spirit and I will treasure the experience for all time.”

Susan Dathe-Douglass (Google Review)

~ “Cate is a phenomenal talent and over the years has proven to be a trusted advisor, personally and professionally. She is a gifted spiritual guide who does not disappoint. She has been by my side for many years and am so grateful that she shares her abilities. My family and pets (living and in spirit) also love her! Thank you Cate!”

Carrie Marcelletti (Google Review)

~ “Cate, What a wonderful reading! I gained a sense of how many of my beloved departed family members really are here for me. I learned from their wisdom. Most of all, to be able to connect with my dad who passed this year is priceless! I feel very grateful!”

John Viennas (Google Review)

~ “Cate is an incredibly gifted Medium. An Angel here on Earth and I am truly grateful for her spot on guidance. Wishing you many blessings.”

Rachelle Pacheco (Google Review)

~ “Cate is warm welcoming and has a wonderful gift to communicate with spirits. Reconnecting with loved ones or receiving valuable insight/guidance is both comforting and affirming there is life after death. Seeing Cate establish a connection with a loved one that is no longer in this world is indescribable.”

Susie Giles – (Google Review)

~ “I booked a reading with Cate in hopes of hearing from my cat who passed away. To my surprise he came through right away. Cate was quite accurate with info from him and it validated that he was here. It made me feel better. I definitely recommend a reading from her. I wish I had know about her before my cat passed because it would’ve been nice to communicate with him while living.”

Brittney Tam – (Google Review)

~ “I booked a 30 minute session looking to connect with my (living) dog, and hoping to understand him a little better. What I got was completely unexpected, and not necessarily what I was looking for, but was what I needed. The only problem was that time went so fast, because there was so much going on. Cate was spot on, and got to the human stuff, which I had been thinking of booking a separate human session for.

It makes me laugh, thinking that I would test the waters with the dog first, and hoping that it wouldn’t get down to the deep stuff with me. Of course my dog would share with Cate my worries and concerns!

I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Cate. She was direct, got to the core and quickly too, and she worked with compassion. Thanks, Cate!

(P.S. lesson learned… book the longer session. You’ll need it)”

Alicia Chickos – (Google Review)

~ “I bought my husband a reading with Cate because of a recommendation from Thomas John the seatbelt medium. I was convinced that she could help my husband find peace with his parent’s passing. I also added another person because I knew my husband probably wouldn’t do this alone even though we both believe.
Our meeting with Cate began with a person we have not connected the dots with as of yet but as the reading progressed things really began to be spot on. My past has many extra people in it and it can be confusing for anyone, let alone a psychic, to decipher when she doesn’t know me so I am sure we will figure it out. With all that, she then would blurt out a word and wonder why she was saying that but we knew. Then she mentioned a couple other random things and again we knew exactly what they meant.
The session continued, and over and over Cate was spot on with validations of who was in contact with us. We are thankful for all the loved ones who came through to contact us and to help us on our life path.
We are still in the after phase of the session but my husband feels very positive. He is confident he received what he needed to heal. I am so grateful to Cate for that. I am still processing the things I learned and am sure I am on the path to heal as well.
We can’t wait till we have another meeting with Cate. An hour was not long enough!”

Rick Lawthers (Google Review)

~ “Cate is nothing short of amazing. She is so spot-on with her details when she communicates with the other side. To date, I have had four readings with her and that is because she is that good. I keep coming back to her. You won’t regret scheduling a reading with Cate.”

Meghan Frank – Santa Clarita, CA

~ “Cate is nothing short of amazing. I have had multiple readings with her for the past 6 years. Every single time she always delivers a clear message from spirit. She is spot on without me ever having to give her any information. She knows things that there is absolutely no way she would know unless she was communicating with my loved ones who have passed on. I am always impressed with her ability to connect to spirit whether we meet in person or speak on the phone. She is like my spiritual counselor who I can count on to help me the guidance I need from my loved ones even though they are not physically here. I am eternally grateful to her.”

Sue Kanoho (Google Review)

~ “My first time with an empath and it gave me messages I needed to hear (some not expected). Very accurate. I loved Cate’s approach to the reading. I actually gifted another friend of mine a reading with Cate.”

Ruth Ndayizeye (Google Review)

~ “I had a reading from Cate Coffelt about two months ago. A friend of mine recommended her. I’ve been wanting to write a review and kept forgetting but here it is now! She was on point with everything. Her reading changed my life. She connected with my birth parents that passed away when I was a young kid. It was so wonderful hearing my parents’ messages because I needed them more than ever. I had a virtual job interview yesterday and it hit me today all the points she said about having an online presence for getting the job and that my parents said that I will be successful in my new career change by letting my personality shine. There were so many other loving messages that I got from them through Cate and I still carry them to this day. I felt like I could talk to her for even longer! That was the best 30 min I’ve had from a reading. I highly recommend her. It’s money well spent😁❤️🙏”

Linda Davis (Google Review)

~ “I had a lovely reading with Cate. She is warm and friendly and I immediately felt comfortable with her. She was able to connect with several family members who have passed and the messages that she delivered to me were extremely important and meant so much. I look forward to another reading in the future. Thanks, Cate! You truly have a gift!”

Meg Mahoney – AZ

~ ” Cate was able to bring through the spirit of my paternal grandfather with a long overdue apology. She validated evidence only he and I knew. I had connected with multiple mediums prior to this, but he never came through before. I am not an easy read for most of our colleagues and friends, but Cate did not disappoint. Her skillset is impeccable.”


~ “I had the great pleasure of having Cate on my live Seattle radio show the week of Halloween. Not only did she share her story, and tips for listeners to connect with their loved ones on the other side, but she also did mini-mediumship readings. Her readings were spot on! She left so many in awe.

I also had the opportunity to do a mentorship with Cate to see if I am a medium myself. She had me read for her while she offered tips. She gave great direction and had helpful things to offer! The mentor session left me feeling confident as the medium I was afraid to say I am!

I highly recommend Cate for readings as well as mentoring!”


~ “I was curious about mediumship when I reached out to Cate in April 2016. I hadn’t ever had a mediumship reading before and entered into this with no expectations. But, wow, did Cate deliver!

The veracity of Cate’s gift left no doubt in my mind. She tapped into details about my late grandmother and both late grandfathers that I had to research with family members in order to verify. The details she provided can’t be found on social media, the Internet, or through a hired private detective. The details were specific and intimate, and my mother was able to corroborate the majority of it without me telling her the basis or circumstances around my questions.

The reading I had with Cate in 2016 (and the one in January 2017) has helped me feel a deeper sense of connection with and reverence for my ancestors AND finally shake the fear of death that’s placed me since childhood.”

Marianne Bonner (Google Review)

~ “I am fortunate to of had two experiences with Cate that I can say have touched me on the soul level.
I was in a group reading and she brought through my Uncle who mentioned things that I didn’t even realize he knew about me. She touched on my allergies, which have been horrible lately, and brought up food as a trigger. She was spot on about it all. I was so happy with the reading and cannot wait to share with my family!

I was also in a ZOOM class that Cate instructed and will absolutely attend more classes should she offer them! Her energy is so calming and reassuring and fun…the time flew by And I LEARNED SO MUCH!

Cate is thoughtful, welcoming and has such a fun energy and I cannot recommend her enough!”

Joshua Zain Newman – Los Angeles

~ “Cate helped me locate a lost item to an amazing degree of accuracy! She provided validations on the way that were accurate beyond probability, down to the color of the wood where the item was lost to the names of people directly related to the lost item. She was fast and impressed me beyond comparable measure to any other psychic I’ve worked with when needing to find a lost item. One of the most gifted Mediums I have ever met as well. Highly highly recommend her!”

Shanoa Mitchell (Google Review)

~ “Cate was beyond accurate and on point with everything. She never moved on without confirming with you about it. She was a sweetheart and had a super bubbly personality which put you at ease. Cant wait to use her again in the future!”

Alexander Briody (Google Review)

~ “Last night, I had one of the most meaningful and authentic mediumship readings with Cate. She did what many mediums could not; that is, connect with three dogs that died in recent years. The evidentiary mediumship was profoundly accurate with unique details. It was such a gift of healing Cate facilitated for me – I am so grateful. Felt lighter with a spring in my step today. This is the 2nd time I’ve consulted with her. She is equally adept at connecting with human spirits too (as I had experienced in the first reading). I will, no doubt, continue to request her services in the future.”

Nancy Cutrera (Google Review)

~ “Cate is absolutely amazing!! She was able to validate information about my loved ones on the other side that no one could have possibly known. It was such a healing experience. She’s so kind and caring. I felt like I was speaking to a dear friend. Thank you so much, Cate!”

Lynne White (Google Review)

~ “It was a pure joy to have a reading with Cate. She is a gift from above! Helpful beyond belief. I always learn something that stays with me when we speak. She is a gifted healer with an amazing pension for detail. Highly recommend a reading with her you won’t be disappointed.”


~ “I’m going to tell you story, that will tie into the reading you gave me.

Years ago when my boys were young, I took them fishing. A day or two before our trip I bought a bunch of fishing lures.

When we arrived at the lake I rented a boat and we headed out to fish. Michael Jr. the one that’s in spirit wanted to be a big boy and tie his own fishing lure to his fishing line.

After agreeing, he cast his line out and immediately his lure come off the line. I showed him how to tie a lure to his line, then gave him a second chance with the same results.

Cate, during my reading you kept saying that my son wanted me to go and open the drawer to my dresser in the hallway and look in the right corner of the drawer. This morning I kept getting this strong urge to go and look in the dresser drawer.

I opened the dresser drawer and in the right corner where you told me to look was two fishing lures. Tears started flowing, I knew my son was returning the two fishing lures he lost that day.

Cate I’m having a hard time writing this, so if there is a few mistakes please forgive me. Cate, I’ll never be able to thank you enough for such a heart warming and emotional message from my son.

I wanted to give you this wonderful validation so you would know you were 100% on my reading yesterday afternoon.”

Desiree Ultican – Indpendence, MO

~ “I appreciate the service Cate provides in her hybrid readings. Not only does she provide an opportunity for loved ones in spirit to reach out, she delves psychically into questions one has about life, career, romance, etc. I found a great deal of meaning in her answers, and almost everything rings true. I highly recommend her for readings and am very pleased and grateful for the information she gave me.”


~ “Cate is amazing. She is sincere and very loving in her messages. More importantly, she is accurate!! I have never left a review for anyone or any business before – but I truly feel compelled to do so for her!”


~ “When Cate called me, I connected to her right away. My situation was rather complex and she and her guides knew things that took me quite by surprise. I was very impressed by her psychic/medium reading and hoped that it could have been longer. I wrote everything down that she told me to and I am looking forward to putting pieces of the ‘puzzle’ together. When the time is needed, I will definitely connect with Cate again for further guidance!”


~ “I recently attended a group reading with Cate and took two friends who had never received a reading before and were complete skeptics going in, but open to the idea. I had known Cate’s amazing abilities as I had had phone readings with her previously. Both of my friends received readings and Cate knocked it out of the park with their readings. Each of them had close relatives on the Other Side and Cate connected with them and imparted messages to each of them. They weren’t skeptics anymore!”


~ “Listening to Cate work on connecting with what is going on in my life is incredible. The focus, attention, and surrendered specificity to what arises makes for all of this stuff sometimes familiar pop up into my life that is totally personal to me and also completely forgotten about of my conscious mind. I adore listening to how she connects because it feels really sincere and I can tell she is living her practice beyond just working on my life. I highly recommend Cate. She is excellent.”


~ “So, the other night I was chatting with Cate, and we talked a bit about having to put Codi , my horse down. She said she saw a flash of a grey feather. Well, we put Codi down yesterday morning. That afternoon I gave Cisco the donkey a bath, and this happened… A small grey feather was on the inside of my arm! Thank you Codi, and THANK YOU Cate for letting me know that Codi is alright!”


~ “I scheduled a reading with Cate several days after the passing of my cat, Sashi. I have absolutely no doubt that they connected. Cate was able to verify many things, most notably, that during her last day, she rested comfortably in a box with a yellow blanket.

I was very grateful to Cate for the comfort she provided to me. She truly has a gift.”


~ “Truly gifted. An hour passed in a flash with all the information. She validated all along the way and connected with the loved ones I needed to hear from. Valuable insight and guidance from beyond that comforted, amused, directed and inspired me. It is comforting to know I have loving and guiding spirits on my journey. The knowledge I receive, as this is my second connection is invaluable to me. I highly recommend contacting Cate. I am always left with wonder and awe at her gift. I look forward to my next adventure with anticipation. Thank you Cate!”


~ “I had an awesome reading done by Cate today. Being a fellow light worker, there are times we need help and perspective from someone else. Cate did just that helping me gain insight in some of my own blockages and challenges I’ve been having recently. She nailed it on so may levels and aspects! Thank you Cate!!!!


~ “Cate is AMAZING! We have spoken a couple of times and she is so accurate in what she has told me. It is always a pleasure to talk with her. I highly recommend Cate and look forward to my next Reading! :)”


~ “My name is Banner. I’m 10 years old. I’m a Golden Retriever. I’ve talked to Cate three times. She helped my human understand what happened to me in the kennel and why some things make me anxious. Cate told my human things that she could try to help my mind, body and spirit. It worked. I feel GREAT because of Cate.

My human was so impressed that she scheduled a reading with Cate too. They talked about intuitive feelings, people that crossed over and soul development. Cate has many animal characteristics: non-judgmental, trusting, open, and a kind heart. She was 100% correct in both the things she saw in the life of my human and for me. My human would never trust someone with me that she wouldn’t trust for herself.

We are grateful that Cate is our place for people and paws. Both me and my human were honored to talk with Cate. I’m a very discerning fellow!! If you’re thinking about doing a psychic reading for yourself or for your pet take it from me….. I’ve sniffed out a lot of pretenders in my lifetime and CATE IS THE REAL DEAL.

Paw’s Up and Peace”.


~ “I contacted Cate for a missing dog case, and it was the best decision! In a most compassionate manner, she was able to give specific details about the location of the pup. Her accuracy was astounding! She connected with the animal and assured me of his physical and mental status which gave so much relief. Thankfully the dog got home safe and uninjured, and was found in the exact area Cate said he’d be. I am thrilled to have had Cate on the case and would use her again in a heartbeat!”


~ “I had a psychic/medium reading with Cate recently and was very pleased with the direction she gave me. Her messages from Spirit were not only validations from them, but also included clear advice and direction. Although she wasn’t big on names, that was perfectly okay because she was spot on with details about the loved ones coming through. The messages were so specific that they made sense to me, when they didn’t make sense to her. She wasn’t privy to what they were referring to, but there is no doubt that she was connected to the angelic realm and they were very privy to what was going on with me.

The best advice I got was a reminder that although something significant from my past has surfaced recently as truth, to make sure that I don’t stay focused on the past and to live in the now. I have had a tendency to keep going back to this “past stuff” (not in a victim-kind-of-way), but still needed that reminder to take the good and keep it in the now. I highly recommend Cate to those looking for some clear direction from the Spirit world.”


~ “The first word out of her mouth was “Melissa”. Melissa is my LIVING daughter. Cate knew there was disconnection between us. She knew WHY!

Cate brought up my step mom (passed 1/1/2011) drinking lots of tea. Then brought up my real mom (passed 2/10/15) loving the color pink. If she was guessing, she guessed appropriately. My real mom wouldn’t have been the one that liked tea, as she never drank tea, only coffee all day long. I don’t think I’ve ever seen my step mom in pink. My real mom had a pink robe I bought her. Loved pink roses. Cate knew I had a son (Living) and talked about him a bit. Very accurate there, also.

Cate was given info from both of my moms that I have been living a reclusive hermits life for too long, and both moms say to get out and socialize, Cate mentioned my fear of people. NOBODY knew I had a fear of people or that I’m living like a hermit, except my ex-husband. She popped up the name Ginny, who was my step mom’s mother. She passed in 2006, and I hadn’t seen her since about 1994 or so. I was surprised to have her (Grandma Ginny) there with me.

She was very accurate about many things. Took away most of my guilt feelings. I asked if my moms were mad, and she looked over my left shoulder and said no. She said she had a tall thin man with a pronounced adams apple step up who said it took 40 minutes for them to find his body. I assume this is my step son. He was blown up by a bomb in Iraq, and I was told that they thought he had been obliterated, because they had to walk so far passed their usual perimeter to find his body. They had said it took quite a while to find him. He was far away. So the 40 minutes makes sense. The only thing that didn’t make sense was that he was appearing for her in a baggy red plaid shirt. My step son has never worn a red shirt around me, and especially never plaid. So that’s our confusion.

He showed her a red fire truck. I assume NOW that it was his way of telling her he died from a fire related occurrence. The bomb caused a huge blast of fire. The bomb was the “EQUIVALENT” of two 500-pound aerial bombs according to the military. He told her he feels bad for the man in the hospital with serious head/brain injuries. (there were 5 in the Humvee, 3 died immediately, and two survived initially. One died 9 months later with severe head injuries.)

Cate told me I needed to cut the cord on my Ex-husband. Nobody would know I still needed to do that!

TOO MUCH ACCURACY FOR SOMEONE TO BE GUESSING!!! I agree she could have searched my name on Spokeo.com and gotten family names, but wouldn’t have known the rest of the info. Spokeo won’t give that info and neither will Google. I feel she’s legit and I am impressed. There were a couple tidbits of info we can’t clarify, but maybe later the truth will pop up for me. I’m so glad I went to see Cate!”


” ~ After my father’s passing in March 2015 I was beyond devastated. I ran across an article in the Glendale News Press regarding Cate. This would be my first time to reach out to a medium and I thought I would go ahead and schedule an appointment. Honestly, I did not know what to expect. I was totally amazed at my first reading. Cate was able to tap into my father and I felt such happiness and closure knowing that he was at peace. Cate was able to bring up items and events that only my father and I knew about.

Also, the same year, my Maltese passed and I approached Cate for an animal reading. She was beyond amazing. I truly feel inner peace and know that once they cross over they are still with us. Cate is amazing and I would highly recommend her to anyone who has lost a loved one and is seeking closure. I now see death in a whole different way!”


” ~ I have been to many mediums in the recent years and by far CATE Communicates is the most accurate and skilled medium !!!! The whole experience was life changing … I definitely look forward to meeting with her again !! Her divine gift inspires me !! Bottom line the most accurate word to describe her is AMAZING!!!”


~ “We recently lost our timid little Malti-poo dog “Mick” when he ran out of the front gate in fear of my nephew and brother (good guys, truly), and they tried to catch him but were unable to do so. Mick was last seen circling the east side of our neighborhood where we typically walk together, so he is very familiar with how we get home from there. We searched for hours but there was no sight of him, he just disappeared.

We got involved with Cate through friends of ours whom she has helped in the past, and through my friend Bob, Cate led us to the WEST side of the neighborhood which is the Tujunga Wash leading to the Hansen Dam area. This is coyote territory, and I thought Mick would have had to pass his own familiar street to get to this unfamiliar area, so I was skeptical-and frantic.

We looked and called for him, but were unable to find him, although Cate described in detail the areas she felt he was hiding. We have three friends who own homes in that area, but Mick and I had never walked there. So, I kept going back to the neighborhood and foothills where he was last seen. Two days and two nights passed and I was devastated. I then received a call from a neighbor saying she saw him running west on Foothill about an hour after we first lost him, which led directly to the areas Cate had been describing! So, I planned to hike around the wash areas and hit the spots she described more thoroughly at sunrise the next morning, although I couldn’t imagine a small, timid dog surviving in that hostile environment all that time. I was brokenhearted.

Then, at first light the next morning, he showed up at our friend’s home which was right down the street from where Cate said she believed he was holed up! The only way to get to that area was by passing through the exact places Cate had described! Cate said she felt he was hidden, in a drain pipe or other covered structure, and she told him to stay in that area and she sent her angels to watch over him. Mick’s feet were raw and he was filthy, but was in otherwise good condition, as if he had been in hiding.

I am no longer skeptical, and am just so impressed with Cate’s abilities. I hope she’ll work with Mick and I to resolve his fear issues once a little time has passed for us to calm down!

Thanks, Cate for sharing your gifts with us! You helped bring our baby home safe! (((BEAR HUGG)))”


~ “I raise Australian Shepherds and was excited to place an adult male, Jake, with a family who drove all the way from Oregon for him to join their family. He would have been a happy house dog and sleep on the bed so I was excited for him when I saw them off to his new life.

I have never used a animal communicator or psychic medium as I have been somewhat skeptical about it. But in desperation, I contacted Cate after the new dog parents called me to tell me they had lost Jake in the middle of the Mojave Desert after he slipped his collar while on a potty break along the side of the highway. They had only had him for a few hours and as he was shy and still unsure of them, he ran off. As summer was approaching with tempurtures already in the low 100’s and no available water not to mention coyotes, I had to find him. After a week and half of scouring the desert and town, I called Cate to see if she could reach him and tell me where he was and if he was still alive.

She was able to connect with him and ultimately lead me to the places where he was hiding out. She let him know that we were looking for him and that we were worried about him and told him where we would be. When my daughter and I got to the designated place he indeed showed up and we were able to reunite with him.

Needless to say he is back at our home and somehow a different dog than the dog who left. We are currently trying him in obedience to build his confidence up and that seems a good fit. So sometimes a bad thing turns out as it was meant to be in the end.”


~ “I met Cate for the first time ever today . She is a sweetly strong gentle soul who is truly gifted. I KNOW spirit and it moves through Cate. She was able to contact and communicate splendidly things my about deceased parents , grandparents and great grandparents. Oral histories told to me and only me she repeated verbatim. The sights sounds and minute details of their lives and mine resonated so powerfully that I was moved to tears! Chills ran up and down my spine and my arms. Cate is truly touched and gifted. She is a blessing and I am so glad Spirit led me to her today!

Thank you Cate I am forever grateful!”


~ “I had the great fortune to have a private reading with Cate. To say that the things this gifted Psychic Medium revealed was startling, would be a true understatement. The messages of Love and Validation that came through really touched me in more ways than she could ever know.

I’ve had quite a few people very important to me pass over the years, and while I had hoped maybe one or two would come through, it turns out I travel with quite the entourage from the beyond.

Cate saw things from them she would have had no way of knowing, and details only the person who passed and myself could have known.

I would encourage anyone to sit with Cate. As I said, she is truly gifted, and I experienced that gift, first hand.

Thank You Cate.”


~ “I had a reading by Cate. I did not know what to expect. I am overwhelmed with emotion. My mind is still reeling from what she saw, what she felt. Everything she was able to tell our family about our daughter that was killed a year ago. To know about the decisions we have made for her son. That she was okay with them. I knew my daughter was around and will not leave her son, but to have someone validate that. Cate is wonderful! I am at a loss for words for how grateful I am to Cate. Thank you seems so small for what I want to convey about what her reading meant to our family.”


~ “Cate is wonderful! She gave me the closure and peace of mind I’ve been needing for years with my mother. Thank you Cate so much for helping me. I am filled with happiness thanks to you!”


~ “I had an animal communication with Cate. We recently acquired a rescue. Cate accurately described the humane society where we got her from, how she ended up there, which was a terrifying experience for our timid rescue. She thought we were going to rescue a different dog. So true. Even what toys we were contemplating for her and if she was in pain. We asked what name(s) she would prefer to be called now. We settled on Sophie. She doesn’t hide her face since the call. So excited for her to start trusting us and being a happy pupper again.”

Thank you so much, Cate!! You are truly a blessing!


~ “Cate bought tremendous peace to me when she was able to connect with both my deceased children recently. I’m still amazed that she was able to see and feel things in detail that only those on the scene of my daughter’s car accident a year ago would know about. She knew exactly what happened in the hospital room I was in when I identified my daughter’s body. She saw how I responded to seeing my daughter in that state, something that I never shared with a soul. I’ve held a lot of anger surrounding my daughter’s car accident towards those involved that has been able to be put to rest thanks to Cate’s special gift and learning some truth’s through the communication she had with my daughter.

My young son died at 3 years old in 1988. I’ve secretly carried with me all these years 2 marbles that he carried in his pockets day and night. Cate saw them as balls but knew exact color and pattern on those marbles. I haven’t seen Cate since 1979, there is no way she knew anything about those marbles except through my son in heaven telling her about them.

Not only have I received closure and peace in regards to my children, Cate has also helped me locate a pet coyote that walked off in the woods to die. With details Cate saw she was able to lead me exactly to where I needed to look within 100 acres of wooded land.

In every connection Cate has made for me, her detail and descriptions were exact leaving no room from doubt in what she could sense, feel and see.

Thank you Cate.”


~ “Over the years, I have had many different types of “psychic” readings before and only a few are spot on with detailed personal information.

I recently had a mediumship reading by Cate. It was my first time to intentionally connect with my loved ones on the other side. Cate started in right away….I thought my mother would come through, but it was my grandmother that showed up. Cate described her in detail…not just the way she looked psychically, but details about her clothes. My grandmother had a lot to say to me and she had messages from the other side. I highly recommend her and the experience of having the insight from loved ones!!!”


~ “Having recently acquired a new horse, I had a few questions I needed answered. One of the questions was that I had changed her name to something I felt better suited for her and the other was to be sure she was happy here with us.

So needing to know the answers to these questions, I turned to Cate Communicates for the answers.

Cate arrived at my house and off we went to see my girl Freedom. After Cate spent a few minutes with Freedom, Cate asked me a few questions. These questions pertained to a recent camping event up near Morro Bay where we took our horses. She started sharing things she would not have known as she was not there. She mentioned that at one point, Freedom became VERY scared, and yes, there was a point at which this did happen. Cate also asked me if at one point I had worn and removed a jacket while sitting around a camp fire. Really? How could anyone have know this is beyond me, but she did.

So having qualified her talk with Freedom, she spent some time with Freedom and then turned and said that she does like her new name, is very happy to be here and is loving the fact that she is getting some attention and love, as this is the first time she has felt love.

As Cate was getting ready to return to the house, she relayed one more comment to me about Freedom, she said that Freedom does love me.

For Cate to have asked the questions she did, and then mention the events Freedom told her about, only reconfirmed what I already knew, Cate IS the real deal.”


~ “Cate, Thank you for helping me through and sorting tough emotions. You helped to release years of pinned up sadness in my heart with the loss of my son Michael. Your being able to connect to Michael and I know you truly did because you knew things about him when he was alive that I never shared with you. You being in touch with his dog, Ebony, seeing him as I last remember him and with his basketball.

Michael left the earth when he was 7, over 16 years ago. A piece of me died with him and you helped bring our hearts together and give me release of his death.

I know he is in Heaven with God, safe and free of pain or sadness. While I can’t touch and hold him, you brought him into my arms again and closer to my heart than I have felt for 16 years.

Your gift brings healing and helps complete unsettled business. I appreciate your gentle and sensitive insight to help bring a healing for me. Thank you for keeping Michael alive inside of me and the release you have given me to continue living.”


~ “WOW, how great is it to be able to know that a dog I am rescuing is doing better. I recently took a beautiful red male Australian Cattle dog that had been through some rough times with his past owner and gave him refuge in my home.

Having concerns if I was doing the right thing with him, Cate assured me that I was and at one point while Indie was lying in bed and as she was talking to him and stroking his back, Cate looked at me and said he likes his bed, but would like a softer bed.

So I went and got another bed for him to lie down and no sooner had I laid it down, he climbed in and planted his face on the side and closed he eyes. Yes, this was a very content young boy. I was told that he loves the other dogs here and likes to play with them and that he loves the feeling of being part of the group.

Basic information you might say? Not to me it wasn’t. I watched as this boy got up and stuck to her like glue. He was happy to have someone he could be with and feel safe around, it was very clear to me that Cate and Indie had made a bond between the two of them. Being able to watch them communicate was a beautiful thing.

Thank you Cate for all you did for Indie.”


~ “Cate’s readings are spot on and informative! I’m typically one that is skeptical of things that seem a bit out of the ordinary, but now I’m convinced that people can be Mediums and channel information to others.

I recently had two readings with Cate and after a few days of reviewing in my head what had transpired during them, I can say that Cate is truly a gifted and talented Medium. During one of two readings she received messages from my father identifying things of his that only he knew I would now have. This allowed me to have a better appreciation of these things and will now keep them close to me as loving treasures, rather than just stored away in boxes in my garage. Also, she was communicating with my cat who let her know he had a yellow toy. After the reading, I had gone out and when I returned the yellow toy was at the entrance to my living room.

During another reading, we had an unexpected visitor may contact. The property where I live once house a Convalescent Hospital. During the reading, Cate received communications, and visuals, from someone related to, or the actual person, who had passed away at the Hospital years ago. We verified that the information received during the reading was accurate, very accurate! Cate and myself found this to be truly amazing and fascinating reading providing some positive insight to my environment and surroundings. These readings have comforted me in ways I hadn’t expected, was well as, made me interested in, and looking forward to , future readings with Cate. Thanks Cate!


~ “I live with a senior age pug who for the last year has ben showing signs of aging and in some cases discomfort…I wasn’t sure who to call besides a vet who would probably tell me to put my dog down. I her that Cate had a unique gift of communicating with animals and so I thought it was worth a try. I invited her over to see what she could do. She spent some time with my dog so that I could listen and hear what he needed most.

While at the house, Cate also noticed a presence at the house of someone who I hold near and dear to my heart. It was a matter of time before she was telling me things about my dad that only I knew. Since his passing years ago, I had questions unanswered and because of this amazing woman, Cate brought closure to my life with my dad and today I can live with peace knowing my dad is still with me and the signs I see and hear are reminders of his watching over me.

Thank you Cate for making sense of all of this for me….”


~ “I would like to commend Cate Coffelt, an intuitive psychic medium, as a gifted, sincere and clairvoyant individual. I recently had a reading with Cate and was thrilled to hear from a long lost aunt and niece. She was able to “see” details that helped let her send messages back to me. I so appreciated this. Knowing that people you loved and cherished at one time here on earth are, in fact, well and thriving in spirit form! This has brought us a great sense of comfort. Cate’s gift is indeed unique and affirming. Not only is she able to see those who have passed and relay messages back to us, she also intuitively is able to send us cautionary messages for which I am grateful to tuck away for future use. Cate’s ability to fine tune and deliver messages to ordinary, everyday people is a very special gift indeed…and for that we are grateful!”


~ “Cate, I thank you for the time you spent with us today. You gave us insight to this sweet foster dog, Taffy. The information you gave us regarding her previous environment helps us better understand her current behavior and needs. I will follow up with her progress in the next couple of weeks. Thank you!”


~ “Cate identified several key emotional connections to my departed father. She did an informal reading in a very busy restaurant. Despite all the noise and commotion, the message she tapped into really resonated with me.”


~ “I had a reading over the phone with Cate and being it was my first reading ever, I didn’t know what to expect. In fact, I didn’t even know such a thing could be done over the phone.

It didn’t take very long for her to connect with spirits from my family. First up was my aunt who had recently died, then her husband, my uncle, and lastly, my grandmother. The really interesting thing for me was that Cate sensed and communicated very specific things that my relatives were relaying to her that no one could possibly know. They were so random, and such old and seemingly unimportant occurrences, but they validated for me that Cate was indeed communicating with my relatives. It was so interesting and so fun, simultaneously giving me gooseflesh and smiles. It wasn’t scary in the least, but very comforting, and very real.

I can think of so many people I know that would both enjoy and benefit from a reading with Cate. I recommend her services to anyone interested in connecting with people who were in their life and are now passed. You may not be able to choose whom that might be, but then again, a particular spirit just might be waiting for Cate to be your conduit.”


~ “It was our privilege to have Cate communicate with our loved ones for us. It was so exciting when my mother began to talk through Cate. We daughters always told Momma that when she passed that she would be surrounded by all the little children and be welcoming them into Heaven. Cate knew this because Momma was communicating with her. Cate said Mom is blissful and that is a work Momma used all of the time. The best world I could ever hear was that Momma was proud of me, and that she has been with m through all of my suffering. Which I always prayed to The Lord to help me and that I would also say Momma, please help me too.

Cate, you are just amazing. Thank you!

Brad had a blessing of hearing from his Grandpa and Cate communicated through his Grandpa the he is the one that taught him how to fish, which was true! At the beginning of the reading, Cate was hearing the numbers 8 or 9, which didn’t mean anything to Brad at the time and he couldn’t put it together. But when his grandfather came through, Brad realized that was the age that he was when his Grandfather passed. Cate also knew that Brad used to put rocks in his pocket and his Grandfather was wanting him to go back to the same spot and do it again in remembrance of him. Well, amazing part is, we are taking a vacation there next year.

Cate, we were left feeling extremely comforted knowing our loved ones are so happy.

Thank you Cate, you are truly blessed.”


~ “Cate is personable, accurate, and a great listener for the owner and the animal. She is clear and honest in her communications.”


~ “Cate kept saying that a ring was hidden or wedged between something after my wallet was stolen. I really thought that my mom’s emerald ring was in the coin part of my wallet, but it wasn’t!

I found it a few weeks later in the pocket where I keep my grand daughters earrings on the shoe holder that I use for hair brushes, tissues, nail polish remover, etc. that hangs on the back of our bathroom door!”


~ “My name is Tim Goble. I’m a 52-year-old married father of two and I am, by nature, a very conservative person. While I do consider myself to be a God fearing, spiritual man, I do not typically find myself seeking out guidance from persons claiming to communicate with the afterlife. However, after my experience with Cate Coffelt, my entire belief structure has been altered, and I now find myself seeking more answers to questions that until now I had never thought to ask.

Our session together was born from a casual discussion wherein Cate sensed that I was troubled and asked if she might be able to help? I’m not typically adventurous, but something inside me said that I should agree and so a time was set-up. The call lasted slightly more than an hour, and it was, in every sense of the word, enlightening!

As the call began, I was asked about “a puffy jacket” and did someone I once knew wear something like that? No, not that I could recall. She then said she was seeing “lemonade & daisies”. At first, these too meant nothing to me, I mean, I like lemonade, and daisies are pretty enough, but really? What importance did they hold?

And then, as things became clearer, the connections took hold, she was asking me about my beloved nanny, Zenaida, or Nia to those of us that knew & loved her. The fluffy jacket was actually her apron that she always wore. Daisies were her favorite flower, and she made me fresh squeezed lemonade every day after school. These details, I’m convinced, could not have been communicated to Cate in any other manner, other than from Nia herself. I was, in every sense of the word, awestruck!

She then asked about a large rock and a “trip”. Once again, there wasn’t anything particularly memorable, but as she dug deeper, these too came in to focus. It was my father, and the rock & trip were scenes from a day trip that my father had attempted to take me on as a young boy in my uncle’s 4X4, but we’d gotten horribly stuck on a large rock almost at the start. You see, my father, although he tried, often let me down and this trip was one of those things that left me deeply disappointed as a child. “Couldn’t you just do one thing right Dad???”

My father said he was sorry. That he knew he failed me often and that feeling of helplessness, and the loss of his relationships with my mother, bother and sister, all of whom he’d driven away, it wasn’t just one thing, it was many things and his depression only got deeper and deeper.

Both my father & Nia were there, trying to speak to me through Cate and they were very concerned about me. I sustained a rather serious nerve injury about a year ago and it has in turn cost me my career and left me partially disabled. I have been fighting depression for some time, I’m moody and at times very short tempered, and it has strained my relationships severely. I’m approaching my 30th wedding anniversary and I’ve nearly driven my wife away with my quick temper and foul moods. Clearly, my father & Nia wanted to help me and had sought out Cate to help them speak to me directly.

There’s one more thing that you should know. My father took his own life when I was just 17. Nia was home when it happened and I arrived shortly afterward and actually saw my father’s body lying in the backyard. That vision, as you can imagine, has been seared into my memory and it comes forward on many occasions. In a word, it is truly, unforgettable.

My father’s Masonic ring was mentioned and a picture of my father-standing behind me, taken when I joined DeMolay as a young man. He clearly and desperately wanted me to let go of the negative image I had and replace them with good ones. And Nia called upon something she did often, holding her rosary and pressing flowers in books. I was to get a daisy and press it, and also a rosary, and when I was feeling overwhelmed, I was to take these “tokens” out and hold them and they would help me to ease my troubled mind.

And here in lies the “message” they wanted me to hear. If I did not break the cycle that was slowly overtaking my soul, they feared that I too, would follow in my father’s footsteps, and take my own life. They knew that I had been experiencing dark thoughts. They knew that I had been lying in bed at night and thinking about how I would do it. They knew that as much as I swore that I could never hurt my own family as my father had hurt me, that in fact, I was closer than anyone should ever get to the edge.

And so, I’ve gotten some daisies, a rosary, and I dug out the picture of my father and I and it’s sitting on my desk and his ring is around my finger. I’ve shared details of the session with my wife and she too was skeptical at first but now seems convinced as well, that these two spirits whom I loved so dearly, WERE there and trying to protect me from harm.

Thank you Cate. I’m grateful that you aided me when I needed it most.”

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